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Machine inauguration ceremony 2023

4 new machines have been acquired from Controlsystem. Two of these have already arrived: a Citizen Cincom L32 and an A20. In addition to the head of the company,

Mr Zoltán Balaicz, the Mayor of the City of Zalaegerszeg, and Mrs Rozália Gergál Dávidné, Head of Department, Zala County Government Office also spoke and gave a speech at the ceremonial inauguration of the two machines.

As a result of the investment, our team also have been expanded in our factory in Malom Street.

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Team building meeting of ZMT – CNC Plant

We held a team building meeting of ZMT – CNC Plant in Zöldház Guesthouse, Gyenesdiás. It was a particularly good feeling that almost everyone came, so nearly 30 people could play, take part in experience driving, eat and drink together, and despite the harsh weather at dawn, neither the outdoor sauna nor the 38-degree Jacuzzi could be missed.

It was fun to drive the Lamborghini Huracan Evo, 700+ horsepower, thanks to the DRX. We will only do it with them and Huba, the excellent and patient instructor next time… @zmthungary @egycsapat @lamborghinihuracanevo @zoldhazpanzio

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Responsible Employer of Year 2023, Special Award

At the OFA Awards Gala organized today, we received the 1st place of the “For young people” Special Award of the “Responsible Employer of Year 2023”, handed over by Mr Márton Nagy, Minister of Economic Development OF Hungary, and Dr. Sándor Czomba, State Secretary.

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Receiving our second DAF truck

We received our second new DAF truck in September 2023. We believe that we will be able to use it for a lot of kilometres without any worries in the coming years, and we can strengthen our international transport capacity with it.