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Brief introduction of the CNC plant of ZMT Hungary Kft

ZMT Hungary Kft was founded in 2011. Our main goal was the production of machine parts for local and European partners. Our core team consists of engineers, designers, technicians and machine operators, as well as the operational team, who ensure the continuous operation of our machines.

We are constantly expanding and developing our technology and our equipment stock so that we can always meet our customers’ high-level expectations.

Our company is constantly developing. Typically, our new customers find us on the basis of recommendations from the old ones, based on our experience and knowledge. The basis of our quality assurance system is the ISO9001 system, in addition to which we also have the ISO14001 environmental management system. We have both certifications, as well as their annual reviews. Currently, we are working on the introduction of the IATF16949 automotive standard. Our daily work includes performing and the implementation of PPAP, FMEA, 8D, process capability testing and other quality assurance systems and processes.

Our main customers come from different segments such as the automotive industry, the railway industry, the gas industry and the medical industry, and the manufacturers using parts of electrical equipment and machinery.

We are also able to handle the special needs of customers, to meet special packaging and labelling needs, and to maintain a consignment stock in our own place or outsourced locations, thus ensuring the best possible continuous supply of parts between the factories.

  • Our specialty

    Complicated turned/milled pieces up to 150 mm in diameter, and serial production from 500 pieces to millions of pieces per year

    We have the following machine groups:

    • Citizen Cincom L20, L20I, L32 turning centers up to A20 32 mm diameter, with 3 m bar feeding

    • 7-axis turning centres up to 51 mm diameter Citizen Miyano BNA42, BNA 42 MSY, BNA 42 MSY2A,BNA42DHY, BNE51MSY and 80mm QT with 3 m automatic bar feeding

    • Driven turning centers (axial and radial) up to 150 mm diameter, such as the Spinner, Takisawa NEX108M

    • Machining centers, Akira SR3XP (800x300x300) and 5-axis machining center Haas UMC500

    • Takisawa TT production cell with (double) reverser, two buffers, two robots

    • Automatic, programmable sawing machine

    • CNC Garant programmable measuring microscope

    • 3D Wenzel KMG LH65 NG measuring machine, and Hommel Etamic Opticline CS 308 measuring station

    • The acquisition of new machines and robotic systems is still in progress.

ZMT Hungary Kft.

Our family business manufactures millions of parts and components for our customers with our typically new Japanese machine lines on an area of 1,200 m2.

Our customers like us because urgent situations can happen to everyone and there can be changes as well, and we are the best partners in these situations: with our best knowledge and cooperative attitude, we always strive to have the parts arrived at our partners.

We are constantly developing and expanding, consequently we always welcome new customers, too. We believe that development can be continued together.

We are proud of our factory and our Team. Our factory has snow-white, clean floors, there are a lot of potted plants and rest areas, which help us to provide and ensure a calm and pleasant environment to our employees. 25 people work in 3 shifts in the factory.