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ZMT Hungary Kft – Subcontractor of the Zalaegerszeg Depot of DPD Hungary Kft

We, the ZMT Hungary Kft, are pleased to introduce ourselves as the subcontractor operating the Zalaegerszeg Depot of the DPD courier service. Our company is proud to assume the role of providing reliable and efficient courier service in Zalaegerszeg and its surrounding regions.

Brief overview of DPD

DPD Hungary Kft, as a member of Europe’s largest parcel delivery network, the Geopost group of companies, is at the forefront of innovation and tries to take advantage of digitalization opportunities in order to make sending and receiving parcels a real experience – both domestically and internationally. DPD is committed to environment protection, within the framework of which it provides 100% carbon-neutral deliveries without any additional extra costs.

ZMT Hungary Kft and DPD – A successful partnership

Our company, ZMT Hungary Kft, has been successfully cooperating with DPD courier service for many years, and we are proud to operate its depot in Zalaegerszeg. Our role as a subcontractor is key to the operation of DPD, and we do everything we can to provide the customers of DPD with an excellent delivery service.

ZMT Hungary Kft in Zalaegerszeg Depot

We carry out our operations at the highest professional level in the Zalaegerszeg Depot. We currently operate 15 modern and well-maintained vehicles, driven by our experienced and dedicated couriers. Our goal is to offer our customers who live and work in Zalaegerszeg and its surrounding region a fast, reliable and professional parcel delivery solution.

  • What makes us special?

    The partnership between ZMT Hungary Kft and DPD is based on reliability, efficiency and customer orientation. In the course of our entrepreneurial activity, we can offer a number of advantages to customers participating in the operation of the Zalaegerszeg Depot and the DPD courier service network:

    • Experienced Professionals: Our drivers and couriers are experienced, qualified and trained professionals who know the local conditions and the optimal delivery routes

    • Modern Fleet: The vehicle fleet we operate consists of modern and environmentally friendly vehicles that meet the highest safety and performance standards.

    • Accuracy and Reliability: On-time delivery and package integrity are extremely important to us. We do everything we can to ensure that DPD customers are satisfied with our service.

Contact and More Information

Please contact us if you need more information about ZMT Hungary Kft, or if you are interested in the Zalaegerszeg Depot of DPD Hungary Kft. Our customer service is ready to answer your questions and provide you with detailed information about our activities and services.

ZMT Hungary Kft – Subcontractor of the Zalaegerszeg Depot of DPD

Our main goal is to provide DPD customers with the best delivery solutions and the highest quality. The team of ZMT Hungary Kft is ready to help you and your business in the field of efficient and reliable parcel delivery. We highly appreciate your trust.